We’ve been asked so many times if we’re activists or part of the WOKE Brigade. Well, neither. That said, the messaging and tone of voice from Wise2Coffee may possibly suggest otherwise. Happy to be called an activist for calling out disparity and its negative effects on the Farmers/Producers the most important people within the world of coffee.

Analogy – Your peer or line manager spits out blatant racist rhetoric within earshot. Do you agree, laugh along with that person if it was a joke packaged as BANTER even though deep down you don’t agree, do you ignore and pretend you heard nothing, or do you call out and challenge the behaviour 101 for all to see or do call it out privately?

I know what I’d do. Nuff said.

We know full well the coffee supply chain is not perfect and has disadvantaged the farmer so we are calling out and challenging the issue head on. At Wise2Coffee Traceability is critical which is why we decided to take our time and select the right partners to bring you the high quality single origin coffees that we’re taking to market. You will also get to know the farmers who are producing the coffee.

Sadly, there are roasters and other entities here in the UK who claim their coffees are Directly Traded with Smallholder Farmers and we within the industry know full well that they are buying from Traders, so traceability of their coffee is vague. Very naughty. Come on, FIX UP, you can do better, the industry needs to.

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