1. How Does the Wise2Coffee service work?
When you order our coffee simply pick the type of grind you prefer i.e. for Cafetiere or Espresso machine and we grind our beans to that specification as soon as your order is placed.

2. What is the motivation behind Wise2Coffee?
Doing the right thing. Doing the right thing means putting “The Farmer First”, supply high quality coffee to the consumer and give back to the farmer. The Giving Back element is the underpinning commercial principle behind Reverse Trade.

3. Is your coffee transparent?
Oh yes. We buy from our roaster who is part of our team and can trace our coffee back to country of origin and the individual Farmer. Our payments go direct to the Farmer and no one else. We source our coffee beans from Brazil and Africa.

4. What does Cupping mean?
Cupping is part of a system called CTAPS (Coffee Tasting and Profiling System). However, it’s full title stands for Commodity Trading & Production Manufacturing and Distribution System. It was designed to allow the information in each roast to be captured based on a set of tasting notes, the roast, colour, and the content of the blend. It is an abbreviated system based on the rationale of coffee tasting and profiling. It originates from the traditional coffee tasting chart that was created by the Speciality Coffee Association and provides you with a visual representation of the coffee you are using.

5. How much does your coffee cost?
The price of the coffee reflects in our world the true price of coffee which is currently kept low by the big coffee companies which may or may not know ultimately impacts the farmer. The coffee growing areas around the world are shrinking due to the effects of global warming. As global temperatures rise, good coffee will become increasingly difficult to grow. Studies suggest that by 2050, about half of the land in the world used for high-quality coffee will be unproductive. The price you pay coffee at the moment is unsustainable and will increase to account for these factors.

6. How much is postage and packing?
Postage & Packing is calculated at checkout and will vary depending on the volume you order and where you live within the UK.

7. How Fast do you deliver your coffees?
We deliver up to 3 days however we can deliver next day if you pay for the service at checkout.

8.  Who roasts your coffee?
We took our time here to shortlist and chose a superb roaster who has produced award winning coffee.
The coffee is roasted in batches to guarantee freshness. As soon as you place your order you tell us how you want your coffee whole beans, ground and we grind the beans to your specification then ship. No coffee we supply will be sat in warehouses for weeks on end.

9. How does Reverse Trade Work?
You buy our coffee, and a percentage of the money from the sale is given back direct to the Farmer. It’s that simple. The funds will be managed and carefully traced to ensure they get to where it’s going, and the work is put in against one or more of the 2 key pillars aligned with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals 1. No Poverty 8. Decent Work & Economic Growth.

10. What about Fair  Trade or coffee companies/roasters that buy direct from Farmers?
Great Question. We support their efforts wholeheartedly because they pay the Farmer a higher price for their coffee beans. We are not in competition with any Fairly Traded or Direct Trade initiative. Despite Fair Trade efforts to support the Farmer Fair Trade is just not fair enough which is why Reverse Trade is so necessary at the other end of the supply chain where your purchase make a noticeable difference.

11.  Interested in becoming an Active Hero?
If you’re interested in becoming an Active-Hero get in touch with us via the link below and we’ll send you the details.

12. My question was not answered?
Just drop us a line at contact me wise2coffee.com or call us. We’d be delighted to help you further. Or, if you think of any questions not listed above we’ll consider them and add to the list.