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We work towards improving the economic impact of coffee, by sharing revenue from the machine with coffee farmers which is where coffee gains most of its value.

The award-winning Coffee to Go Premium Automated Retail Machine. A rapid, innovative, reliable, and high-quality coffee solution offering a uber-high-quality drinks selection for any workplace.

Using unique Thermoshot™ technology, it boasts the smartest super-automatic espresso extraction ever developed.

Capable of delivering 400+ barista quality cups of coffee per day in an energy efficient plug and play format.

We’ve partnered with the worlds leading contactless payment provider to deliver a touchless operation via Apple Pay and Google Pay software plus QR Codes for promotional offers.


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Reverse TRade helps farmers invest in better crop and water management to increase the coffee they produce which means they can now earn more income.

Food and Drink To-Go is the number 1 fastest growing sector in coffee where coffee isn’t their primary offer.

Almost 9 in 10 UK employees see small perks in the office as important to staff retention.

77% of UK employees across sectors think that serving good quality coffee in the office is important for clients and visitors.

75% of UK employees agree that having high-quality coffee available in their office would suggest their employer cares about their well-being at least to some extent.

We make it easy for your company to onboard the machine with various acquisition options available. Get in touch via the Contact Form on the Home Page or call for further details.


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