56 Tribes


Farmer: Smallholder Farmer in Kasese

Region: Rwenzori Mountains Western Uganda

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1300 – 1900 m.a.s.l.

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Tastes Like

Milk chocolate, orange, brown sugar with hints of apple and pear

Approximately 56 tribes make up the ethnic mix of Uganda. Our coffee is a representation of their hardworking ethic to bring high quality single origin coffee to the world.

The local farmers are smallholders growing coffee as their main cash crop, usually to raise funds to pay school fees for their children. The farmers throughout this area bring their freshly picked red-ripe cherries to the washing station for processing. The cherries are then pulped, washed and laid out to dry, turned regularly until the moisture content is correct. The coffee is stored, and then hulled before the long journey by truck down to Mombasa on the Kenyan coast, and by ship to the UK.

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