Inflation trending the wrong way, monthly mortgage payments up and the cost of our regular grocery items up by 13.6% in the UK this year. The cost of living impact leaves much to complain about.
Should we be complaining about how much everything costs now and the impact on our disposable income or lack of it? Or, do we put the cost of living impact into perspective given what is happening to pre-teenage children on the planet in some cash crop commodity supply chains?

When I look at images like this it hurts me to my core as it’s the reality of cash crop commodity farming, especially cocoa. The most recent data estimated 1.5 million children who should be in school are currently working on cocoa plantations in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. (Data source ILAB)

Are these young lives less important than our mortgage-paying, smartphone-loving, social media-consumed lives?

Come on, let’s face facts we’ve become desensitised to images like this haven’t we, or have we?

Or should I or we just shut up, go away and gaslight the issue as it doesn’t affect me or our families?

When you are about to buy your next bar of chocolate with your hard-earned money and enjoy your endorphin-filled moment perhaps pause for a second and ask yourself if children who should be in school were present in the brands’ supply chain.